About Us

About Lasons India

Lasons India is a leading global pharmaceutical manufacturing company, dedicated to supplying high-quality Vitamin B3 (Niacin & Niacinamide) in India and over 90 countries across the globe. A trusted name in the health industry, Lasons is a preferred choice for healthcare product manufacturers across geographies. Lasons India has dedicated almost forty years to accomplish a promise – delivering the best in class, quality, authentic and assured products to all. A company known for cutting-edge process innovations and socially conscious with a zero-discharge facility compliance. Lasons is accredited by global health and safety standards. The company is certified and have a dedicated in-house quality control and assurance departments which works round the year to ensure strict quality norms.

Our company is certified
ISO 9001:2008
GMP (Indian FDA)
Government recognised multi-star export house
Star K Kosher (USA)
Halal (MUI Indonesia)

About OneLife

Incepted in 2017, OneLife is a product of Lasons India’s many years of expert insights into the global health and nutrition industry. A product born purely out of passion, OneLife is built on the vision of enabling all to live their one life, right. To ensure the best nutrition, wellness and beauty available for all, OneLife, backed by expert insights and through extensive research, has introduced vitamins and nutritional supplements addressing various health and lifestyle needs amongst other products. With dynamic lifestyle changes, an alarming rate of contamination in food and busy, stressful urban lives, the need to focus on health and wellness today is only increasing. There is a high demand by individuals to find the right partners for their daily dietary intake to ensure all the necessary health, wellness and nutritional needs are met.

The right amount of nutrition keeps our immune system functioning smoothly and efficiently aid in leading our lives better.  With OneLife, we aspire to leverage the gifts of nature and science to help you make holistic lifestyle changes, with minimalistic effort, improving overall wellbeing. Our products bring harmony in health by taking the initiative to restore health and prevent the likelihood of developing a disease. Supplements like vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics are known to have essential anti-inflammatory properties and health benefits. With continuous research and innovation, we strive to address all possible health needs ensuring our providing nutrients add value to your daily consumption.

Taking support from Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Allopathy, OneLife focuses on the standard Indian diet compared to the ideal diet and analyse deficiencies when innovating our products. At OneLife, we take pride in following strict guidelines set by the Indian Council of Medical Research for recommended daily allowances (RDA) and transparent and informative labelling. We endeavour to create a scenario that is free from suffering caused due to malnutrition and improper food habits in our communities and daily lives.

Addressing almost all your health, nutritional and beauty needs, Onelife products are spread across multiple categories aimed to aid energy, vitality, endurance, daily nutrition, vitamin s, and beauty enhancers from within. Ranging from researched, organic and natural supplements, OneLife products ensure you are well taken care of from inside-out.

Our exhaustive range of vitamins and supplements is available online through our e-commerce and multiple online partners as well as an offline presence in over 16 cities nationally. With online and offline presence through pharmacies, nutritional stores and marts, OneLife endeavours to be your partner for the best health and happy lifestyle.

You have ‘One life, live it right’.