Are you having a Skin fit Holi?

Are you having a Skin fit Holi?

Are you having a Skin fit Holi?

It's the very same time of the year! Time to soak in some freshness, colors and a time to relish some mouth-watering delicacies in the festive season.!
HOLI — the festival of colors is just around the corner and even with the pandemic around all of us, we know that your spirits for HOLI are not dampened.
Our largest organ is our skin, which we often tend to ignore and take for granted, and it's the most affected this festival. Healthy skin is not an overnight process and having good healthy skin is going to represent you for a very long time.

1.Ice- Ice to your Rescue.
Ice cubes work miracles for the Skin. Applying ice-cubes on the skin eliminates puffiness, soothes the skin and reduces oiliness, and adds the touch of rejuvenated and hydrating skincare. This Holi ensure to stay skin healthy by using ice cubes all along & feel the glow..

2.Oil your Skin and Hair.
Our Ancestors vouched for the benefits of using hair oils and body oils. Oiling not only hydrates the skin but also ensures that less color is absorbed the next day post-Holi. Further, you can also use Oil on your hair to form a protective shield on the strands. Coconut Oil is one of the most widely used skincare essentials and works effectively.

3.Don’t forget Sunscreen.
Sunscreen is a mandate for good skincare and works for the long run. We often tend to ignore this essential beauty regime, but regular use of sunscreen protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Sunscreen helps prevent sunburn or tan. Regular exposure to the sun also assists in vitamin D production, which keeps us healthy and active.

4.Nail It this Holi!
The colors on Holi stay the longest on the enamel on the Nails and settle on them and also cause concern. To keep your nails protected and strong we recommend applying Dark nail colors so that the color does not settle on the Nail and its enamel.

Show some Love and pamper your Nails this Holi!

5.Stay Natural and Organic.
With changing times and trends, Holi has also become a festival that is enjoyed by one and all with organic and natural colors. Many people are making eco-friendly colors and home healthy colors from turmeric, rose petals, hibiscus flowers, etc. They are easy on the skin and are not harmful and also allow for having relentless fun and feel of the festival.

Are you going organic with your choice of colors too?

6.Eat healthy for Good skincare.
A healthy outside starts from Inside. Having anti-oxidants and fibrous and healthy foods stem up the crux of a good skincare ritual. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, herbal teas, etc., will help in detoxification and work miraculously for flawless skin.

7.Skin & Health Supplements add the extra edge.
Our Diet does not fulfill all our nourishment needs. Health supplements are crucial in today's age and fast-paced lifestyle. There are plenty of skincare supplements focussing on Nutrition, Health, and Wellness in the Market.

Taking Quality nutrition and duly certified products is important as it is directly related to your Health and Quality here is absolutely critical
With these small do’s and don’ts, we hope you enjoy the Festival of Colors and #liveitright!
Ankita G Tikare.
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