Healthy Quick Fixes For The Holiday Season. Time To #Live It Right This Holiday Season…!

Healthy Quick Fixes For The Holiday Season. Time To #Live It Right This Holiday Season…!

Healthy Quick Fixes For The Holiday Season. Time To #Live It Right This Holiday Season…!

Isn’t it that time of the Year!
Nostalgia on what the year 2020 has been about and fresh hopes and a renewed vigour, coupled with plans for 2021!
Are you already making Healthy Eating & Exercising and new year resolutions for 2021? It is a fresh start to the New You, focussing on health, wellness, and well-being!
We at Onelife recommend a whole new range of Healthy quick fixes for the Holiday season. These are a healthier option for those sugar and unhealthy food cravings. So gorge on…!

1.Having Honey as an alternative for sugar.
Stay Honey healthy and substitute Honey for those sugary cravings. Honey has a lower GI value than sugar meaning that it does not raise blood sugar levels as quickly as it is envisioned. A small amount of Honey can cover up the sugar needs and Raw unfiltered Honey coupled with warm water helps to refresh oneself and ease out uneasiness in the throat.

2.Eat More of Greens & Salads.
Is this not something that all our elders insist on and recommend upon?
Having your daily greens and salads is the most quick-fix idea to stay healthy this Holiday season! Leafy Greens are packed with antioxidants that will keep you fit & healthy throughout the day. Make green leafy vegetables your winter partner to fight infections and boost immunity.

3.Get your Daily dose of sunshine.
Sunshine and sunlight help us in getting our quota of vitamin ‘D’ and also help in building stronger bones. Researchers predict that exposure to the morning sun may help your body synchronize its metabolism allowing you to burn fat more efficiently.

4.Portion Control works wonders!
Moderation is the key and the thumb rule of eating small regular meals is an age-old adage that is very true. This helps to cut down calories and leaves a feeling of being full. Must try!

5.Swap White bread for whole grains!
Refined white bread are simple carbohydrates that your body processes like sugar. That can both hinder weight-loss efforts as well as increase the risk of health problems such as insulin resistance. Avoid processed food to feel lighter & healthier always.

6 SESAME SEEDS also known as Til seeds, the secret ingredient for good health!
These are a good source of calcium, it will help in maintaining bone health along with providing energy and maintaining the body temperature. It is a good superfood to keep you warm and energetic this winter.
TIP: Add sesame seeds to your parathas or use it as a topping for breakfast cereals, you can also use sesame oil in daily cooking.

7.Stand at your workplace.
Yes, you heard it right! Studies suggest that standing at your workplace burns almost 50 more calories per hour than sitting. So leave the grind and make way for some light exercises all the time!

8.Grab a Handful of Nuts and be Nutty-wise.
Nuts are high on nutrition content and simply eating almonds /cashews can spice up your metabolism and satiate your hunger pangs. Nuts are great for snacking and their nutrition dosage makes up for your body -requirements.

9.Say No to Plastics!
BPA in plastic bottles could enter your body and lead to numerous health problems. So switch to metal or glass bottles and protect yourself from the toxins of plastic!

10.Don't forget to stay Happy & Positive!
Being happy from within matters for overall wellness and wellbeing. It releases endorphins and happy hormones and definitely has an effect on our wellness and mental well-being.

Stay Happy this Holiday season!
Vibe well and make fitness and being healthy a Lifestyle.
Merry Christmas and happy healthy Vibes for #2021!!
Ankita G Tikare.
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