My Mother #Myessentialserviceprovider

My Mother #Myessentialserviceprovider

My_Mother _#Myessentialserviceprovider

She is the Caregiver, the Caretaker, a Friend, Philosopher, and guide we all have! This Mother’s Day and even every other day focusing on mom’s health, and women’s health in general, is one of the most powerful things you can do! Currently, with the Pandemic and us in Lockdown, we agree times are difficult, but yes we must pay our tribute to our Mothers, our very own #Essentialserviceproviders without whom we are indispensable!
We list down some common Health issues that are being faced by women of today which include:- 1.Heart disease. 2. Breast cancer. 3. Osteoporosis. 4. Depression. 5. Autoimmune diseases
Our Mother focuses her energy on the health and well-being of her family, forgetting about her own health needs, and it is time we make her feel special not only this Mother's day but Always! This Mother's day we at Onelife India, Pay a tribute to My Mother #myessentialserviceprovider and we give her the gift of good health! With all of this in mind, here’s how you can plan a day full of healthy, and fun, Mother’s Day celebrations. You might even inspire mom to focus on her health more often. .

1.Give Mum a Day Off and make her a healthy Meal!
Kick your day off by making mom a healthy and delicious breakfast and lunch spread. She stays busy making sure the entire family eats a well-balanced diet, so it’s time to allow her to take a sit back and make the most of this special day..

2.Ensure Mom is exercising and staying Fit!
Our Mums tend to neglect their health, they spend their entire day running around the home, work and running errands that we must safeguard their health and Immunity. A small daily walk, taking the steps instead of the Elevator, working out, cardiovascular exercises, and breathing control is some must-have exercises to be included in our mother’s lifestyle.

3.Gift her Health and Wellness by ensuring that she wears her Mask right coupled with additional self-care steps such as
● Visiting the doctor regularly for routine screenings and checkups.
● Become more physically active as per her schedule.
● Eat healthily.
● Bid Adieu to unhealthy habits.
● Focus on mental health by managing stress and getting enough daily quota of sleep too. .

Pamper your Mum this time and show her how much you care! Moms everywhere deserve to be treated specially on Mother’s Day. Whether you’re celebrating your mom or another special woman in your life, what better way to mark her special day than by showing her you support her efforts to improve her diet and her health? Are you making the most of Mother's Day? .

Ankita G Tikare.
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