Summer Ready with us at Onelife India!

Summer Ready with us at Onelife India!

Summer Ready with us at Onelife India!

Summers are Loading and Processing ahead! Are you already beating the heat and are the scorching sun and humid days leaving you all worked up? Indian summers can be harsh in many parts of India. The harsh climate can drain you of your energy, making you prone to infections and with the pandemic spreading across widely it is still a major concern for all of us to stay safe and take utmost precautions. We at Onelife recommend the following Tips to stay Summer Healthy!.

1.Hydrate and Hydrate yourself!
This is the basic thumb rule of ruling over Summers and sailing through Summers easily is Hydration! It is a must to keep having sufficient water and ensure that the intake of fluids is ample enough. The body naturally loses a lot of moisture in the summer, so increasing the intake of water becomes a priority. Water keeps your body cool and skin soft!.

2.Avoiding Tea/Coffee and Caffeinated Drinks.
Having healthy food is an important prerogative for summers. Aerated drinks contain carbonated sugar which has some percentage of processed sugars and is not good for the skin & in addition makes you more thirsty. Instead let us opt for healthy juices, smoothies and have a lot of fresh fruits..

3.Eat Right!.
Not feeling hungry is so common and an oft-repeated instance during Summers. The sultry weather takes a toll and leaves us feeling not hungry. But having your daily dose of vitamins, minerals, greens, and essential fatty acids is absolutely critical for the body. Hence, it's crucial to eat and stay healthy, and more importantly, it is imperative to #eatright.

4.The Summer Must-have Foods.
The summer diet is absolutely incomplete without coconut water, lime juice, aam Panna, salad leaves, watermelons, and lots of berries. Adding Chia seeds to water & make your summer drink ready. Infuse your water with citrus fruits and see it work wonders for your health! Don’t skip these Summer Foods and vouch with us to stay healthy!

5..Summer Workout Ready are You?
Say No to laziness and Say Yes to being Fit! Do not get demotivated with Summers and we recommend not to miss exercise and keep small but consistent work-outs going on throughout for that summer Body. Post workouts and exercise it's also crucial to supplement it well and make Health supplements a part of our lifestyles too.

Let us together sail through Summers effortlessly! Stay with us and make your health a priority with us & #liveitright.
Ankita G Tikare.
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