Low GI White Sugar (500 g)


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OneLife Low GI white Sugar contains a combination of natural herbal extracts that reduce the Glycemic index (GI) of Sugar. The GI value of Onelife Low GI White Sugar is 43, which is considered as a Low GI food. Replace your sugar with Onelife Low GI White Sugar in all your favourite recipes and treat your sweet tooth guiltlessly.


Glycemic index (GI) is a measurement of how much sugar (glucose) is absorbed into the blood in a fixed time period, after eating a portion of the food with a fixed quantity of carbohydrate.

Lower the glycemic index of carbohydrates, less will be the rise of sugar after meal in an individual’s blood glucose levels.
GI <55 = Low
GI 55-70 = Medium
GI >70 = High

Our sugar achieves low GI from the Glycemic action of the natural herbal extracts used.

Low GI Sugar with botanical herbs


Storage Conditions:
Store in a cool and dry place


Onelife Low GI sugar is not a medication. Consumer should continue to follow the regimen prescribed by their physician.
Benefits of individual ingredients are based on scientific/clinical studies. The result may vary from person to person.