Organic Forest Wild Honey – 650g


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ORGANIC WILD FOREST HONEY is collected by the bees from the rare herbs and wild flora found in the core forest. It has a strong flavor and fragrance which you will cherish.


Honey Benefits:
100% Organic Certified Honey.It is a gift derived from nature, packed carefully for you with its untouched therapeutic benefit. Free of pesticides, preservatives, artificial ingredients and other chemicals.

  • Lower your risk of heart disease
  • Enhance your immune system
  • Treat respiratory diseases
  • Preventing acid reflux
  • Fighting Infections
  • Honey helps beautifying Skin and Hair
  • Honey helps in aiding treatment of coughs, digestion, insomnia and respiratory diseases
  • Honey has health boosting benefits that may lower the risk of developing diseases.
  • Replacing added sugar in the diet