STEV LIFE ( 3 Packs of 50 Sachets Each ) : Natural Sweetener


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3 Packs of 50 Sachets Each

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STEV LIFE ™ Stevia sweetener is made from the finest stevia after a unique debitterisation process. It has a cleaner and better sweetness than any other sweetener. The active compounds of stevia are steviol glycosides (mainly stevioside and rebaudioside), which have up to 150 times the sweetness of sugar. Stevia is a naturally occurring, zero-calorie sweetener.



Dextrose, Steviol  glycosides and permitted additives



It may help

● To improve function of the pancreatic hormone, helping to lower blood sugar levels. This may be useful for people with type 2 diabetes.
● To manage weight as it is low in calories.
● Restrict caloric intake


Recommended Dosage

Just use one sachet of STEV LIFE ™ stevia sweetener instead of one teaspoon of ordinary sugar



This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. People with known medical conditions and or taking medications, should consult medical professional before consuming the product.The result may vary from person to person.


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