VEG OMEGA 3 : For Maintaining Cholesterol Level

vegetarian omega 3


60 Capsules Per Bottle.

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VEG OMEGA-3 is extracted from marine algae and may help to reduce triglyceride and promote heart health. Vegetarian omega 3 is entirely plant-based and contains no animal products


Main Ingredients:

Omega 3 (EPA- 350 mg,DHA- 150 mg), Vitamin E


  • It has Omega 3 fatty acids which play a major role in regulating and reducing inflammation in your body.
  • It has Omega 3 fatty acids which may  reduce LDL cholesterol levels and increase HDL cholesterol levels in your body.
  • LowerS blood pressure.
  • Improve symptoms of osteoarthritis and joint pain and reduce inflammation.
  • In cognitive development and function.
  • Vegans, vegetarians, and anyone else who would prefer not to consume fish products.


Recommended Usage:

For adults, take one tablet daily , Preferably with any meal or as suggested by the healthcare professional.




This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.
People with known medical conditions and or taking medications, should consult medical professional before consuming the product.